Customer Confidence through Assurance Testing


There’s one way to give customers the confidence in the products that you manufacture; that is to subject the product to a rigorous testing process that assures that performance quality is maintained

When it comes to pigmented minerals, one of the most important considerations is that of ultra violet (UV) stability. Whether applied to quartz, crushed glass or other pigmented product, customers need to know that it will not fade over time.  That what starts out as a colourful and vibrant application will not slowly become dull and tired-looking after a period of time.

We have begun a programme where every one of our pigmented products is being tested to assure its UV stability and wearing performance. The full colour range for each of our mineral products is being subjected to a testing process which measures the affect of daylight exposure, through an external filter, in a controlled accelerated aging environment.

This is to assess the product integrity for both outdoor and indoor project applications.

At the end of the accelerated aging period, a visual examination is conducted that compares a number of recognised criteria and characteristics to pre-test levels. This includes evidence of fading and wearing to the mineral or the pigmentation process.

The process is conducted to the pigmented product outside of any carrier, and it is recommended that customers conduct independent tests of the system as a whole.

We have also resisted conforming to any one particular industry standard; preferring instead to test in an unbiased way. This is to acknowledge that the level and intensity of sunlight in a geographical region or end-user application will be different across our customer range.

Our commitment to internal testing gives customers the assurance that our pigmented products are manufactured to very high performance criteria and are ready to be incorporated into any number of industry products and services.