DKI Quartz - core mineral ingredient


The vast majority of blending that we do involves DKI Quartz.

Most of the powder / filler blends that we work with are sand based; whether they are using the Quartz or the Cheltenham sands, or any other sand.

The standard epoxy resin screed is our 0.1 – 1.4m or 0.1 – 2.0m DKI mix; which is combined ten-part sand to one-part resin and applied to the floor by trowel.

A number of systems will require bespoke formulation where a project specifier or the chemist designing the system will identify the standard grades needed to create a blend that will deliver the desired performance. This could be a compact system with a very tight particle grading or a thicker system with a bulking agent that contains larger particle sizes.

Self-levelling resin systems formulations will incorporate Quartz Powder or Dolomite. The majority of the self levellers that we produce are a combination of the 0.1 – 0.3mm grade of DKI Quartz with the powder at a 70% - 30% ratio.

We don’t have any set standards as such with our dry mineral blending services; everything is produced to specification. We’ll generally make up two or three alternatives as people tend to work things differently; with different application techniques or varying resin viscosity, etc. There are so many things that can affect the mix performance so we offer options that can be assessed relative to customer need.

We do have considerable experience in dry mineral blending and we tend to know what grades work to achieve desired applications.

The advantage to having us do the blending is that contractors will generally want to avoid having to mix on site. They don’t want to have pallets of different grades on hand and have to repeatedly mix a bit from one with a bit from the others when installing the system. They’d rather take full bag of pre-mix, combine it with the resin and apply it.

This also reduces the margin for error.

Having us undertake the blending helps to protect the integrity of the formulation. The product can be given to the contractor complete from a warranty perspective and to  assure quality control.

We will work with contractors to help them create their own formulation if there is no pre-specification from their customer.

These blending principles equally apply outside of flooring, for building products for instance. The advantages of mix consistency transcend all sectors – the desire to work with a pre-mixed product is universal within the trade.