Gold, Silver, Bronze ...


Gold, Silver, Bronze … our pigmentation system gives a range of colour variation options for quartz and glass.

One of the emerging themes for the London 2012 Olympic games is that of colour – both the obvious gold, silver and bronze for the medals that athletes hope to win but also through the flags of the participating nations and the high-performance uniforms that the athletes will wear. Colour means something and the emotions that the presentation of colour can evoke cannot be understated.   

Making the leap from the Olympic games to the industry sectors in which we operate, the presentation of colour in decorative systems has the capacity to achieve a similar effect. Whether bold and vibrant, pastel and subtle, plain or amazingly creative, colours are intended to create a specific atmosphere for the environment in which the system is used.

We understand the importance of colour in the design and installation of decorative systems and have the capacity to not only match and produce any number of colour shades – whether on quartz, glass or other base mineral – but we also to assure consistently correct batch formulation.

Because the presentation of colour is important.