How Do You Like Your Microspheres?


Expancel is an amazing, functional substance that is used in a wide and varied number of product applications.

With its ultra lightweight density, though, you'll know how difficult it can be to handle.

We can make Expancel a more ‘friendly’ product to work with.  It might be something as simple as re-packing Expancel to exactly the quantity needed in the blend. Or taking the unexpanded product in its original form and expanding it here at our premises.

Why pay to transport water?

The reason to have an ultra lightweight filler is to reduce density. Our aim is to make Expancel available to help customers best achieve what they need from the product.

And in a way that makes it more economical.

We are already manipulating Expancel for bespoke requirement. Our Microspheres 806 product takes 50% by weight Expancel 551 DE 40 D 42 and combines it with 50% by weight Dioctyl Adipate (DOA) and our Microspheres 939 product combines the Dioctyl Adipate (DOA) with 50% by weight Expancel 091 DE 80 D30. 

These are just two formulas that we have created to fulfil customer need; with the capability to produce a number of other variations.

We are able to capitalise on our dry mineral blending experience and know-how to incorporate Expancel into a range of customer products; including fish baits, wood fillers, automotive body fillers, wall plasters and tile mortars.