Mineral Fillers for Decorative Systems


Minerals that are used for their decorative characteristics – such as pigmented quartz, coloured crushed glass, marble, mother of pearl, PVA flakes, etc - are used in all types of flooring installations where there is a desire for specific colours and designs to be achieved. 

The decorative aspect will depend on the type of system being used, where it is going, how long it is to be there and, most importantly, the project’s cost considerations.

Retail and leisure applications require fast-curing systems to deliver corporate branding or colour schemes.

Commercial and office environments require a system that is primarily functional but does contain a decorative element.

And the requirement for industrial environments is for a very high performance system where the decorative specification is not as detailed.

Though the types of system may differ - whether epoxy, polyurethane, MMA or terrazzo - it is important for the decorative minerals to be compatible with each one. Our experience in working with decorative mineral fillers helps to safeguard system assurance.