Speed and Efficiency of Installation


Time is money.  It’s an old saying which is sometimes true and sometimes used more for effect.

Time certainly is money in today’s infrastructure development world where project installations are very tightly planned and there is little margin for error.

Where the installation of one component relies upon the completion of the one before it, time can very quickly be lost. Which becomes very expensive.

Even more so when the project installation is due to take place in a live, working environment. Where the clock starts once the doors are locked for the evening and time is up when the doors open again for business the next morning.

Projects today need to be completed with maximum speed and efficiency.  Which is why we often undertake the pre-blending of minerals in system formulations; where quantities of different products are measured, mixed and packaged to individual project requirement.

Project contractors want to avoid having to mix the dry materials on-site. Where a number of different products and grades are spread about and they have to mix two measures of the first to one measure of the second to a quarter measure of the third. Repeated time and again throughout the installation with the risk of blending inconsistency from the first mix to the last.

They’d prefer to have a full bag of pre-mixed dry product, to simply open it up and combine it with the resin or system binder / carrier to apply as required.

We work with both manufacturers and project contractors to prepare and package the pre-blended dry materials so that they can be applied most easily. For maximum speed and installation.