Lightweight mineral fillers and materials are introduced to the manufacturing of plastics to improve density, provide protective coating, enable buoyancy, etc.

There are many parameters in the production process - the equipment, the polymer and the method of expansion - which makes for a pretty complicated matrix.

Some of which work well together and some that do not. It is this diversity of process that makes our role so very much of interest.

Not simply for the supply of lightweight mineral fillers and materials but more in exploring how our products can be manipulated to better work in customer systems. For easier and more efficient handling and for improvement in output performance.



  • How Do You Like Your Microspheres?

    Expancel is an amazing, functional substance that is used in a wide and varied number of product applications. With its ultra lightweight density, though, you'll know how difficult it can be to handle.

  • Design. Create. Express.

    With microspheres incorporated into speciality ink formulations, customers can boost their branding imagery and even add appeal to the end-products themselves.

  • Cast your line

    Our ultra lightweight filler and our bespoke blending capability are integral to the manufacture of fish baits.