Blending mineral products to specification requires a high degree of know-how, skill and experience.

Quality and consistency are essential - and achieved through the accuracy of measurement, the accuracy the blending process and the accuracy of the particle grading.

Every blending project is bespoke; we work with the customer to ensure we handle the product correctly following and completing quality control procedures as required.

We have developed extensive experience in the blending and control of multi-density products to achieve a consistent blend.

Every batch. Every time.


  • Bespoke Mineral Packaging

    Mineral suppliers often stipulate the packaging parameters for their products. Without variation. Whether this is helpful to the customer or not. We can provide our mineral products in just about any size, shape or type of container - in the weights that you need them - to help make your processing easier and more efficient.

  • How Do You Like Your Microspheres?

    Expancel is an amazing, functional substance that is used in a wide and varied number of product applications. With its ultra lightweight density, though, you'll know how difficult it can be to handle.

  • Design. Create. Express.

    With microspheres incorporated into speciality ink formulations, customers can boost their branding imagery and even add appeal to the end-products themselves.

  • Very Clinical Pigmentation

    The process of colouring quartz, glass, bauxite, granite or other base mineral product is governed by a scientific and analytical methodology which assures that colour concentration and performance criteria is consistently maintained.

  • Mineral Fillers for Decorative Systems

    Minerals that are used for their decorative characteristics are used in all types of flooring installations where there is a desire for specific colours and designs to be achieved.

  • Mineral Fillers for Resin Systems

    There are a number of different kinds of Resin System, each one different in its application and intended performance criteria. We provide the functional, decorative and lightweight mineral fillers for them all and are involved in the blending of bespoke formulations.

  • Cast your line

    Our ultra lightweight filler and our bespoke blending capability are integral to the manufacture of fish baits.

  • Alternative Treatment for Historic Buildings

    Our role in the preservation and renovation of historic buildings is in the blending of a lightweight filler formulation which is used for reinforcing traditional timber frame buildings.