Blending mineral products to specification requires a high degree of know-how, skill and experience.

Quality and consistency are essential - and achieved through the accuracy of measurement, the accuracy the blending process and the accuracy of the particle grading.

Every blending project is bespoke; we work with the customer to ensure we handle the product correctly following and completing quality control procedures as required.

We have developed extensive experience in the blending and control of multi-density products to achieve a consistent blend.

Every batch. Every time.


  • Consistently Correct Blending

    On the surface, the blending of dry minerals should not be a particularly difficult thing to do. But when a very specific level of performance is anticipated by those undertaking the application, and expected by the customer, the significance of the blending operation is highlighted.

  • Speed and Efficiency of Installation

    Projects today need to be completed with maximum speed and efficiency. Which is why we often undertake the pre-blending of minerals in system formulations; where quantities of different products are measured, mixed and packaged to individual project requirement.