Offering a blending service is only as good as the ability to put the end product into the desired container.

We have the ability to package the blended material into whatever container is required – from bulk bags down to sub-kilo containers.

We can work with so many different types and sizes of packaging because we employ a small business mentality in our service offering, not just for packaging but across the business as a whole. There are no a set production lines, processes or procedures; and our customers benefit from our versatility and flexibility.


  • Bespoke Mineral Packaging

    Mineral suppliers often stipulate the packaging parameters for their products. Without variation. Whether this is helpful to the customer or not. We can provide our mineral products in just about any size, shape or type of container - in the weights that you need them - to help make your processing easier and more efficient.

  • Design. Create. Express.

    With microspheres incorporated into speciality ink formulations, customers can boost their branding imagery and even add appeal to the end-products themselves.

  • Cast your line

    Our ultra lightweight filler and our bespoke blending capability are integral to the manufacture of fish baits.