BML Microspheres

BML Microspheres    Thermoplastic Microspheres

BML Microspheres colour selection

BML Microspheres are small spherical plastic particles that consist of a polymer shell encapsulating a gas. When heated, the internal pressure from the gas increases and the thermo-plastic shell softens, resulting in a dramatic increase of the volume of the microspheres.

The combination of extremely low density and high resiliency of the microspheres provides valuable characteristics in the articles produced - from synthetic leathers and printing inks to automotive body filler and fish bait.

We can manipulate Expancel or other microsphere products so make their handling and workability a little easier in the production process; including custom liquid dispersion, bespoke packaging sizes; or custom blending with dry materials to help in the production process.


Thermoplastic Microspheres - Giving Fish Bait its Lift

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