BML Pigmented Quartz

BML Pigmented Quartz    001 Ochre

BML Pigmented Quartz colour selection

Pigmented Quartz is produced in-house using a high quality resin coating system incorporating pigments picked specifically for their inherently stable characteristics. 

Pigmenting Quartz gives a vast range of colour variation options while retaining its core functional properties. Bespoke colours can be produced to order.

Our process of pigmenting quartz considers a number of subtle intricacies to assure that it performs as intended; such as the shape and size of the particle and the difference in characteristics when dry and when introduced to resin systems.

Particle sizes:

0.1 - 0.3mm
0.3 - 0.6mm
0.4 - 0.8mm
0.7 - 1.2mm
1.2 - 1.8mm
2.0 - 4.0mm
3.0 - 6.0mm