Paints and Coatings

Anti-slip, marine, maintenance and speciality coating products must meet a challenging set of specifications.
They need to deliver long lasting, hard wearing, easily cleaned and attractively coloured performance for the safety of pedestrians and / or the traction of vehicles. Particularly in wet working areas.
Working with paint and coating manufacturers, our role is the provision of the functional and decorative minerals that, when combined with the core product technology, help to deliver intended performance.
Whether supplied in one ton big bags, standard 25kg bags on pallets or packaged in retail-ready tins, we have established a reputation for ease of proces and exceptional service.

Functional and Decorative Minerals for Paints and Coatings


  • Customers who purchase DKI Quartz ...

    Customers who purchase DKI Quartz often select further from our range of general, decorative and functional mineral products to fulfill other types of project specification as well.

  • How Do You Like Your Microspheres?

    Expancel is an amazing, functional substance that is used in a wide and varied number of product applications. With its ultra lightweight density, though, you'll know how difficult it can be to handle.

  • Design. Create. Express.

    With microspheres incorporated into speciality ink formulations, customers can boost their branding imagery and even add appeal to the end-products themselves.

  • Very Clinical Pigmentation

    The process of colouring quartz, glass, bauxite, granite or other base mineral product is governed by a scientific and analytical methodology which assures that colour concentration and performance criteria is consistently maintained.

  • Improving Flow and System Stability

    Solid Glass Spheres are added to the resin system mix to lower its viscosity, acting as miniature internal ball bearings. This improves flow and assists with the application process.